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Security Checklist: Find out how safe your UD bank account is

Are you sure that your UnionDigital Bank App is really safe and secure? Take this quiz to know the level of security of your account. Select your answer for each item below, and add up the corresponding numbers for each.

What are the characters in your password?

1 point: Letters Only
2 points: Numbers Only
3 points: Alphanumeric with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters

Where do you keep your passwords?

1 point: I keep them on the notes app on my phone.
2 points: I write them in a notebook.
3 points: I try to memorize them as much as possible.

What kind of lock protection do you have on your phone?

1 point: I don't have one.
2 points: Password.
3 points: Biometrics (fingerprint, face ID).

How do you update your apps?

1 point: I do not update my apps.
2 points: I update by downloading on a third-party source. As long as I can download and update my app, I use whatever means possible.
3 points: I always keep my apps up to date and only download through the official app store(ex. Google Play, Apple App Store, etc.).

When you receive a text message with links, what do you do?

1 point: I click the link immediately.
2 points: I read the message first and then click.
3 points: I check the sender.If it is from an official source, I copy and paste the links on a browser.

When you need a WiFi connection, where do you connect to?

1 point: I connect to whatever doesn't have a password.
2 points: I only connect to WiFi spots that can be trusted.
3 points: I make sure that I choose a WPA-2 password-protected WiFi spot and that I trust its owners.

Is your bluetooth always on?

1 point: My bluetooth is always on.
2 points: I only turn on my bluetooth when necessary.
3 points: I turn my bluetooth off when making important transactions.

What internet connection do you use when you make transactions with your Union Digital Bank app?

1 point: I make transactions with my Union Digital Bank app using public Wi-Fi connections.
2 points: I use my neighbor's WiFi connection when I make transactions with my UnionDigital Bank app.
3 points: I make sure I have a secured internet connection (e.g. using personal data connection on mobile phone; personal WiFi; etc.) when I make transactions with my Union Digital Bank app..

Published April 25, 2022