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UnionDigital Bank is comprised of young, passionate, forward-thinking, and collaborative folks who are working towards shaping the future of finance in the Philippines.

Together, we aim to build a connected, financially inclusive, and Tech’d Up Philippines.

How We Work

Agile and Connected

We embrace tech-driven ways of working. We maximize the use of modern tools to enable us to collaborate better and efficiently.

We are all about teamwork and our collaboration is a testament to that. It knows no borders, time zones, and offices – this is just how we function, and we do it well.

Diverse and Inclusive

We welcome diversity in all perspectives – in our people, opinions, ideas, etc. This is how we grow and this is how we get creative. We don’t leave people behind. We come together to achieve our common goal.

Decentralized Decision-Making and Autonomy

We function as a decentralized organization, putting the utmost value on our tribe who are all passionate and driven to achieve our goal as a company. We empower them to make decisions that directly impact their work, giving them a sense of confidence to come up with innovative and creative solutions.

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