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Why is my selfie not being accepted?

As part of the verification process, you will need to take a selfie for us to confirm your identity. UnionDigital Bank will use your camera to take a selfie of you. Please allow the UnionDigital Bank app to access your camera. Your selfie may not be accepted because of one of the following reasons: 

1. Your face does not match your uploaded ID. 

2. Your background is not clear. 

3. Your face is not within the frame. 

To ensure that your selfie is accepted, please adhere to the following guidelines when scanning your selfie: 1. Get enough light. Make sure that the lighting is enough to show us your face clearly. 

2. Keep your phone in portrait mode. 

3. You are not wearing any accessories (e.g. glasses, hats) 

4. Have a plain background. 

5. Make sure that your face is inside the camera frame. 

If you are still encountering problems with the face identity scan after multiple tries, please consider contacting Customer Support by raising a support ticket.

Have more questions? Please reach out to us at and we’ll be glad to assist you right away.